The process begins with an initial meeting in the client's home, office or place of worship. The architectural style and the style of existing windows will be observed. In addition, the quality of light, including outside obstructions, must be taken into account. Meeting with the client or committee results in decisions about the subject matter, budget and other considerations. These will all be considered along with the artist's knowledge and experience, before beginning the preliminary design.


If the client desires to progress to the design stage, we require a non-refundable deposit. Taking into consideration all the previous information gathered, we will produce a preliminary design for the client. After discussing the proposed design, and barring any changes, we will usually quote a firm price for the artwork. If the client has specified a project budget, this is taken into consideration during the design process.

After the design is approved and all contracts signed, we require an initial deposit of 50% down before we will schedule the fabrication of the artwork. The remaining payment schedule depends on the scale of the project and the estimated time of completion.

For example:
50% down- 50% upon completion
50% down- 25% payment- remaining 25% upon completion


The price of the artwork depends on many different components. These include; the time needed to build the project, intricacy of design, cost of materials, size of the artwork and any other custom services that apply. Additional costs may include; shipping (insured), installation or travel costs.